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Find things to do around Hutto, in Taylor, Georgetown, Round Rock, and Pflugerville with our easy guide to entertainment!

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The year is 9,200 B.C.; inhabitants of the area navigate along rivers and streams across the open plains in search of food and shelter. Approximately 11,200 years later, that area is known as Round Rock Texas.

Dinosaurs have been long gone by now, though their footprints and bones remain in the area to this day; and evidence of early inhabitants has been located from the Northern tip of Texas to the Gulf area.

Just imagine the thousands of footsteps and wagon wheels that crossed this land, trekking months on end; to arrive in what was originally known as Brushy Creek to settle down. The small town formed along the creek in a brushy area so it was easy to see how they came about the name.

However, the town became known for a large anvil-shaped rock located in the center of the creek that was used to determine the water levels for safe crossing. It never occurred to anyone that this massive rock was already being used in the mapping of explorations so when a cattleman by the name of Jesse Chisholm came along and suggested the town's new name because of the big "round rock"; well, it only made sense.

The crossing was used so much that there are still wagon wheel tracks embedded in the rock there. 

According to public census information; in 1890, the first recorded census, the town had a population of 1,438. In 2011, the estimated population for the area had grown to over 100,000.

The 'kicker' for this little Texas town once built around a large "round rock"? The population is projected to see growth reach the million person mark within the twenty years.

You can actually visit this piece of Round Rock history by stopping by the local park.

Things to Do in Taylor, Texas

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Archery Near Hutto, Texas

Georgetown is home to Double G Archery located at 4185-B East University Avenue. Closed Sunday and Monday. Click on photo to visit website.​

4185-B, E University Ave

Georgetown, TX 78626

(512) 868-5530

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Explore the Area's Oldest Caverns

Discovered in 1963, the caverns of Inner Space Caverns were discovered by a drilling team and have been a source of adventure ever since.

4200 South Interstate 35
Georgetown, TX 78626
(512) 931-2283

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Home to the Best Town Square in Texas

Historic Downtown Georgetown is a main attraction for the city and has been named the best town square in Texas.​ 

103 West 7th Street

Georgetown, TX 78626

(800) 436-8606

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Explore Hutto , Texas

Visit the home of the hippos, some of the best pie in Texas, get a fabulous burger in Downtown Hutto and experience all this hippo town has to offer.

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