Swag Bags with iHutto.com

The original Hutto directory!

Are you looking for a fresh, new way to get your business in front of potential customers? We've got it in the bag! The iHutto Swag Bag that is! 

Introducing a brand new way to get your name in front of thousands. Celebrities realized this method long ago, now it's time for you to be the star!

And besides, who doesn't like free stuff?

Do you find you have extra promotional items laying around at the end of the year?

Our iHutto Swag Bags will get your marketing materials in the hands of actual people (at no charge to them, ever). We pass out our swag bags at community events around Hutto and beyond, festivals, conferences, luncheons, and anywhere else we participate!

The best part is, our swag bags are available by request for local events by PTA's, school functions, community programs, and more.

And never at a charge to those requesting the swag bags!

We will accept whatever you can fit into our swag bag! The more unique to your business the better.


Interested? We would love to hear from you but DON'T WAIT!

We will only accept 50 business per quarter.


Being part of our swag bag gets you:

  • In 5000 bags (only .05 per bag, per quarter)

  • A premium listing on iHutto.com

  • Social media shout outs during the quarter

It's just as easy as this: 

  • Request your reserved spot in the swag bags here

  • You will receive an invoice from iHutto

  • Pay invoice and send logo on transparent background to contact@iHutto.com

  • Receive email notification of event