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Round Rock Zip Codes 78664, 78665, 78680, 78681, 78682, 78683

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The year is 9,200 B.C.; inhabitants of the area navigate along rivers and streams across the open plains in search of food and shelter. Approximately 11,200 years later, that area is known as Round Rock Texas.

Dinosaurs have been long gone by now, though their footprints and bones remain in the area to this day; and evidence of early inhabitants has been located from the Northern tip of Texas to the Gulf area.

Just imagine the thousands of footsteps and wagon wheels that crossed this land, trekking months on end; to arrive in what was originally known as Brushy Creek to settle down. The small town formed along the creek in a brushy area so it was easy to see how they came about the name.

However, the town became known for a large anvil-shaped rock located in the center of the creek that was used to determine the water levels for safe crossing. It never occurred to anyone that this massive rock was already being used in the mapping of explorations so when a cattleman by the name of Jesse Chisholm came along and suggested the town's new name because of the big "round rock"; well, it only made sense.

The crossing was used so much that there are still wagon wheel tracks embedded in the rock there. 

According to public census information; in 1890, the first recorded census, the town had a population of 1,438. In 2011, the estimated population for the area had grown to over 100,000.

The 'kicker' for this little Texas town once built around a large "round rock"? The population is projected to see growth reach the million person mark within the twenty years.

You can actually visit this piece of Round Rock history by stopping by the local park.

Things to Do in Round Rock, Texas

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Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Round Rock

Located near Chisholm Trail Street, Brushy Creek

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Largest Waterpark in the United States

Round Rock, Texas is home to the largest waterpark in the United States, just across the highway from the Dell Diamond.



Explore the Entertainment in Downtown

Enjoy the local shops and library during the day, explore the nightlife at the end of the day.

See the Famous Bats


And I'm not talking about the hockey team.

Round Rock has become famous for the daily bat show and people come from all over the see this unusual sight.

You may be thinking, you've seen one bat, you've seen them all. But have you seen 1.5 million bats all in the same place at the same time, seemingly working together to form a choreographed routine? Probably not.

Located under the IH 35 and McNeil underpass, hundreds come every year to watch the procession of bats as they exit their daytime getaway about 30 minutes before sundown; making their return just before dawn.

I've always wondered what they are doing all night.

Dell Diamond


When Michael Dell came to town, he wasn't playing around.

Introducing facilities to Round Rock in the 1990s, modeled after a college campus no less; ironic because he was a UT dropout; Dell Computers brought thousands of jobs to the area. Though he's received criticism for outsourcing jobs; the Dell Computers location is still an operative location.

Of course the Dell corporate location won't be the highlight of your visit but The Dell Diamond, home of the Round Rock Express, might be. The field is a prime destination for avid baseball fans and even those not so interested in baseball because there's nothing better than spending time with the family at the "old ball field". Located off Hwy 79 in Round Rock, just outside of Hutto, The Dell Diamond hosts college games as well such as UT, Baylor and Texas State.

Movies in Round Rock, Texas

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Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Round Rock

Located near Chisholm Trail Street, Brushy Creek

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Largest Waterpark in the United States

Round Rock, Texas is home to the largest waterpark in the United States, just across the highway from the Dell Diamond.



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Most Romantic City in Texas


Well, it's official. Everything really is bigger in Texas and that goes for the romance too!

What Texas City was named the #1 most romantic city in the state and 11th in the nation?

Welcome to romantic Round Rock, Texas. Yes, that's right, this little city of less than 105,000 people was voted the best place to find (and keep) romance in all the land. (OK, well this land anyway.)

Perhaps it is the smaller size of the town that makes everyone feel closer to one another or maybe it's the postcard scenery around every corner. Whatever it is, the country agrees this is the best place to be; and not just for Valentine's Day either.

Best Places to Eat in Round Rock, Texas


When travelling to Round Rock, Texas it's very easy to look up local food places on your phone app but you're likely to miss all of the smaller establishments that make the best food and are more affordable on your wallet.

Every single one of these establishments I have visited personally and let me just say, they are on this list because their food made me want to go back for more.

1. Corner Bakery is a new addition to the Round Rock area and is conveniently located at 110North I-35, Suite 180, Round Rock, TX 78681. They open early for the coffee drinkers and are open well past dinner. Not only do they serve freshly brewed coffee but throughout the day you can order a panini and some of the best soups I've ever tried.

2. Little Red Wagon Hamburgers has been around for many years and have managed to stay out of the corporate eye. They are located at 1207 E Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78664. They are famous for their hamburgers but have a wide variety of meals, including homemade enchiladas, on their menu.

3. The next place to check out on your travel to Round Rock, Texas would have to be Smokey Mo's BBQ. Some of the best BBQ in the area, Smokey Mo's is sure to leave you full. Though they have more than one location in the central Texas area, the Round Rock location can be found at 1601 I-35 South (near Hester's Crossing, Round Rock, TX 78664.

4. With only one location in the area, Juarez Restaurant and Bakery can be found at 1701 South Mays, Round Rock, TX 78664 for some of the best Mexican food in the area. From breakfast tacos to fajitas to torta sandwiches, you're sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds.

5. Some of the best food is found in little hole in the walls that take pride in good taste and great customer service and Raggedy Anne's is no different. Though they are a bar, where you can go to have a drink and play some pool; they also serve the best hamburgers and beef egg rolls that I have ever tasted in my life. I often go here to pick up food. They are located on the cusp of Austin and Round Rock at 2113 Wells Branch Pkwy, Austin, TX 78728.

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