Moving Tips 

Moving to Hutto, Texas with Ease

There are a lot of things to take care of when you are moving to Hutto (or anywhere else). Updating your address, changing the address on your driver's license, choosing utility companies, and more. Here are the resources you need to make your move to Hutto a smooth one. Find Hutto moving companies, select a utility company, and more.

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Atomic Moving

125 Little Elm Way

Hutto, TX 78634

(512) 508-9169

hutto hippo moving


Hutto Hippo Moving

1108 Delia Chappa Ln 

Hutto, TX 78634

(512) 960-9011

Tony's Transfer and Relocating Service


Tony's Transfer & Relocating 

Veteran Owned Business

Hutto, TX 78634

(512) 797-7493

Where to Start: Hiring Movers or DIY?

Moving is hard enough on a family but it shouldn’t be hard on the wallet. Finding ways to save money in this economy is high on the list of priorities these days. Whether you are relocating for work, moving to save money or moving into your first home; there are ways to save money on a move.

Recycle those boxes. One way to save money on a move is to recycle the boxes lying around the house. Doing this will save more money than if you were to purchase the boxes from a local storage company. From shoe boxes to the copy paper boxes to the reusable plastic storage bins, use them all for packing. You can also check with the local grocery stores on their delivery days and see if they are willing to give away those leftover boxes. When you contact the movers, you can also see if they have boxes included in the moving service. 

Skip the expensive bubble wrap. To save money on a move, consider using newspaper. Most convenience store carry stacks of those ‘free’ papers so pick up a few every time you visit the store. Don’t get carried away by swiping the entire stack of course. Newspapers come in handy for wrapping those breakables and are much better for the environment that the plastic bubble wraps should it end up in the landfill.

Contact movers. Compare pricing, discuss the moving process and schedule a pick up date. Provide the company with all the necessary details about your move. Save time by comparing multiple moving companies all at once. 

Pack it up. You’ll save money by doing your own packing and since you’ll be the one doing the unpacking, having it all organized is important. Be sure to label each box so you’ll know what is in each box. It could cost more to have the moving company organize the move by doing the packing and moving your belongings so to save money just do it yourself.

Ready, set, move. Now that you have carefully wrapped and packed all of your valuable possessions and scheduled the movers, it’s time take a short breather before they arrive. You’ll want to save your energy but maybe knowing that you saved money on your move will make that a little easier to do. 

Updating Your Address


post office in hutto

Hutto Post Office

United States Post Office

388 Exchange Blvd

Hutto, TX 78634



The UPS Store

409 W Front St Ste 100

Hutto, TX 78634

512) 642-9380



Now that you have closed on the new home, connected utilities, and have moved everything in, it’s time for the administrative stuff. Updating your address on your driver’s license, credit card accounts, and most importantly with the Post Office. 

  • Update your driver’s license. You have about 30 days from the time you move to update your driver’s license with the local DMV.

  • Update your information with the credit card companies. Not only do you want to make sure your accounts are up to date, updating your address will also help in keeping your credit report updated.

  • Update address with bank. Your bank accounts also need to have the correct information when it comes to your address. It is Federal Law.

  • Update your mailing address. Contact the USPS (United States Post Office) to update your address and ensure your mail is forwarded from your previous address. You can do this online at

Utility Pole

Utility Companies in Hutto


Now that you’ve closed on your new home (or rented that new apartment) it’s time to connect the utilities. Within the City of Hutto, residents are in an unregulated area and are allowed to choose the electric provider of your choice. is a great website for comparing multiple electric providers that service in unregulated areas. Here are the most popular electric providers for those unregulated areas.

Electric Providers 


Choose Energy



CenterPoint Energy




Direct Energy




Just Energy              800-451-1668



Pedernales Electric




Reliant Energy        



Electric Providers 


Hippo Electric   



Ambit Energy   



Amigo Energy







Bluebonnet Electric       




Bounce Energy             



Water Service


City of Hutto Utility Billing

401 W Front St

Hutto, TX 78634

(512) 759-4055


Jonah Water SUD

4050 FM1660

Hutto, TX 78634

(512) 759-1286

Hutto Highlands & Huttoparke Subdivisions


Manville Water

Riverwalk, Parks at Brushy Creek, & Lakeside Subdivisions

(888) 866-2488

Cable and Internet



Serving Hutto



Serving Hutto



Serving Hutto


Spectrum Cable

Serving Hutto



Consider Protecting Your Investment with a Home Warranty Company


Home Warranties can be convenient and save you money on major repairs long after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. By paying an annual contract fee and a service fee of $75 - $125 for each claim, your asset is protected.

There are several home warranty companies to choose from. Here are some of the ones that have the best service however I do not promote one over the other. The only downside in having a home warranty is you are completely at the mercy of home warranty when it comes to getting things repaired. Their schedule revolves around the vendor availability in most cases and emergency repairs are often scheduled within 24 hours.

Here are the top home warranty companies out there:


  • Choice Home Warranty

  • America’s First Choice

  • Select Home Warranty

  • Total Protect

  • HSA

  • Old Republic

  • Guaranteed Home Warranty

  • Landmark Home Warranty

  • Stanley Safe Club

  • Allied Home Warranty

  • American Home Shield

  • BFS