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According to the Williamson County Historical Commission, Hutto, Texas was "the home of the first railroad in Williamson County, the International-Great Northern Railroad". Nowadays, it's known more as the Hippo Capital of Texas and home to a pretty close-knit community. 

You'd barely realize you were passing through the "small" town if it weren't for the Hippo Pride proudly displayed from one end of town to the other. Hutto is conveniently located to the Northeast of Austin and Round Rock, with Highway 79 running smack dab down the middle.

The population in Hutto is currently 32,000+ according to 2018 data, though it is growing at such a fast pace that the number is predicted to continue growing.


Hutto is named for James Emory Hutto (1824-1914) but is known for hippos because, as story as it, once upon a time a circus came to town. One of their beloved hippos escaped but was soon found in a nearby creek. Thus starting the tradition of hippos and why you'll see the concrete hippos all over town.  

Learn more about the history of Hutto by visiting the landmarks in the city, located at 101-205 East Street (Downtown Hutto), 202 Farley Street, & 204 Highway 79.

Where Hutto, Texas is Located


Hutto, Texas is a small-town community of less than 35K in population located to the Northeast of Austin. 

You'll find Hutto off Highway 79 and conveniently located near Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown, and Taylor with Cedar Park and Bastrop close by. Austin is about a 25 minute drive to reach the city limits but will take close to an hour to reach downtown or south Austin depending on if you take the toll road from Hutto, which is I-30.


We Have Created a Visual Archive

We have compiled photos from all around Hutto, Texas in an effort to create a visual archive for generations to come. We have old Downtown Hutto, new constructions, and more. And be sure to check out separate Hippo Page for all the photos of hippos in town!



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Coming Soon to Hutto, Texas

Look at the City of Hutto, TX – Municipal Government developments coming to town! Updated as of 12/20/2019


Information is available through the city's website but here's a breakdown of what is "Under Review":

  1. Front Liquor Store at 133 East Front Street

  2. Star Ranch Apartments at 299 Star Ranch Boulevard

  3. Jason's Deli at 310 Ed Schmidt Boulevard

  4. North Forest Office Space at 351 Exchange Boulevard

  5. Cross Creek Amenity Center 121 Grasslands Trail

  6. Hutto Animal Hospital 1401 Chris Kelley Blvd

  7. Little Ebenezer Church 215 South Brushy Creek

  8. Whitewater Carwash 300 Ed Schmidt

  9. Luis Commercial 3750 Limmer Loop

  10. Kiddie Academy Hutto 480 Chris Kelley Blvd

  11. HEB Curbside Remodel 5000 Gattis School Rd

  12. Wendy's and Popeye's 70/80 Chris Kelley Blvd