Hippo Henry and Friends 

Written for Hutto by a Hutto Resident. #hippohenry

The founder of iHutto.com is an author of coloring storybooks. From her love of Hutto, “Hippo Henry and Friends” was written especially to benefit our community. With the help of advertisers, promotional events, online marketing, and more, the book is made available to organizations throughout Hutto. The goal? To encourage reading and imagination while making sure that no child ever pays for our book. Giving back to the community is just a bonus! 


Hippo Henry and Friends” is currently available on Amazon with a 5-star rating, as well a Barnes and Noble. 100% of online proceeds are donated to help teachers buy school supplies and when needed, to help pay for local lunch balances.

Together, we can build a better community.

Thank you to our wonderful contributors for their support:

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Without contributors to our cause, we couldn't do what we do. Our goal is to make sure every child receives a copy of our books, even if they can't afford to buy it. On top of that, 100% of online revenue from Amazon sales are donated to local teachers and to help pay school lumch balances. Advertisers help with print and shipping costs so that we can deliver our books to local area schools, children's hospitals, non-profits, and beyond. "Hippo Henry and Friends" was only the beginning of our mission.

"Hippo Henry and Friends" Can Be Found On:

Our books are printed through Createspace, which allows us to make our titles available on various platforms, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. As an advertiser, your business is promoted within the book itself and visible by everyone that gets a copy of our books. 

About the Author, Sydney Spence

Sydney Spence wrote "Hippo Henry and Friends" because of her love of Hutto and reading. It's always been an important part of her life, so when found a way to help others with a story, Hippo Henry was born. Sydney is a proud member of the IACCW and the Hutto Chamber of Commerce.

About the Illustrator, Tara McAdams

It's a family thing. Tara McAdams and Sydney Spence are sisters. One is a writer and the other an artist. Tara has provided illustrations for a number of books and is working on future characters currently. She is also the designer of any creations in Sydney's head. Including out word art t-shirt and gift designs. 

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iHutto is about connecting community, one neighbor at a time, through interaction, imagination, and innovation. We want the world to know Hutto is more than hippos (though we are the Hippo Capital of Texas). We are a hardworking, caring, big-hearted, and all around great community that's changing quickly.But there's one thing that remains the same, it has always been and will always be everything we are, a bunch of neighbors that help one another while showing off our hippo pride.


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