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We Need Your Help!! 

Information About Sponsorships for the Annual Hippo Decorating Contest by iHutto


iHutto is resuming the Best Decorated Hippos Contest this year to bring a little joy to the community during these trying times. We need your help. 


As you know, we had sponsors for our contest last year that allowed us to provide awesome prizes to the contest winners. This year, we know times are hard for many so we want to do something a little unique. 


Because of the pandemic, we realize many are struggling. For that reason, we want to offer cash prizes to this year's winners. We also want to help your business get much needed exposure during these difficult times.


So ..... there are two ways to become a sponsor: 


1) We are looking to sell ad spots on PAGE ONE of iHutto.com to raise prize money for the contest winners. 100% of our sales will go to that purpose. 


Because our website shows up on page one of Google for thousands of searches, we know the value of front page ad spots. We want to give it to you for the lowest possible rate you'll ever find. 


For a TOP OF PAGE ONE placement, we're asking $50, ten spots available. For a BOTTOM OF PAGE ONE placement, we're asking $25, ten spots available.


It's that simple! 


Your logo will also be linked to your website or Facebook page! 


Check it out for yourself. Simply Google "Hutto Businesses" or "Moving to Hutto" as examples. (We have many more searches we appear on page one of Google for. 


If you are looking for an affordable way to advertise your business to thousands of people AND looking for a way to bring a little joy to our community, simply respond to this email by August 21st and we'll get you set up.


This offer is only available to 20 businesses in, or serving, Hutto.


2) We are also accepting donations for goods/services as prizes too! The business logo appears on the Hippo Contest Information page!  


Please email us at contact@iHutto.com to submit your interest in sponsoring the contest by August 30th.

As always, thank you for all you do! 

We are so excited to host our Second Annual Hippo Decorating Contest! We are looking forward to seeing all the awesomely decorated hippos! Have fun! Show your style! Oh, and be sure to name your hippo!

See terms and contest rules below.

We Are Excited About This Year's Contest!!

iHutto is resuming this year's Best Decorated Hippos Contest (online again) to bring a little joy to the community during these these trying times.

For sponsorships, we're changing things up a bit this year due to the current state of things. We realize times are hard for many. So, this year, iHutto is doing something unique that benefits not only the contest winners but, the business owners as well!

If you are a business owner, independent consultant, or service provider interested in being a sponsor of the Second Annual Hippo Decorating Contest in 2020, please email Contact@iHutto.com

Submit your hippo entries to  contact@iHutto.com  with "Hippo Contest - Name of Hippo" in the subject line. In the body of the email, please include your name, contact email/phone number, and address (only to verify the hippo is located within Hutto city limits). Attach photo of your hippo in jpeg or png format.


Be sure to visit Facebook.com/iHutto and like our page so you'll get notifications about the contest! We'll also be announcing winners there!  

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