Concrete Hippos in Hutto, Texas

Created for Hutto by a Hutto Resident, Greg Ray

Concrete hippos are roaming around Hutto and we are so honored to bring you these, courtesy of Greg Ray of Hutto. His custom flat head hippos are available in finished or unfinished. Stay tuned because there are more concrete hippos coming!

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Concrete Hippos in All Sizes

Hutto Chamber of Commerce​

122 East St, Hutto, TX 78634

(512) 759-4400


concrete hippos in hutto set in stone

Locally Made Concrete Hippos

Set in Stone Statuary

Located in Hutto, Texas

(512) 609-0013


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iHutto is about connecting community, one neighbor at a time, through interaction, imagination, and innovation. We want the world to know Hutto is more than hippos (though we are the Hippo Capital of Texas). We are a hardworking, caring, big-hearted, and all around great community that's changing quickly.But there's one thing that remains the same, it has always been and will always be everything we are, a bunch of neighbors that help one another while showing off our hippo pride.


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